Lunes, Marso 24, 2014

Florida, a leader in selling foreclosed properties

According to the latest statistics from the center of CoreLogic , despite the still high number of foreclosed properties , executed and then sold by banks nationally, the figure is declining , which infers that the mortgage crisis is beating slowly.

So I publish the web Diario Las Americas, which reports that the result is complete 48,000 foreclosures in the U.S. in October 2013. This figure represents a decrease of 25.6 percent from the previous month , when there were 64,000 .

Florida broke records of foreclosed properties in the last year , detailing the average , comparing with the rest of the country. This can be interpreted as a success for banks and real estate agents, but also as a failure for those who lost their homes. It can also be interpreted as a boom in purchases in that state.

A total of 114.588 foreclosed homes were sold in Florida in a year , exceeding twice the sales reported in most other states sold , CoreLogic said the report referred to by Diario Las Americas.

The fact that Florida is a judicial state (where foreclosures usually take longer because they must go through the justice system , so that recovery takes longer) , may be one of the reasons for the high number . However, a non-judicial state had the second lowest level of completed executions : Michigan, with 50.186 .

After the financial crisis

In Florida, in general, 7.1 percent of households with a mortgage was part ejeciciones Stock bank in October, 3.1 percent less than in October last year but a percentage that exceeds the rest of the states .

Diario Las Americas remember that since September 2008, when the financial crisis began , there have been approximately 4.6 million completed foreclosures across the United States.

Since October 2013 , approximately 879 thousand households in the U.S. was in some stage of foreclosure, compared with 1.3 million in October 2012 , ie a decrease of 31 percent.

The inventory of foreclosures fell by 2.9 % from September 2013 to October.

" This inventory , as a percentage of all households with a mortgage, has fallen nearly a full percentage point to 2.2 percent in the last year," the paper quoted Mark Fleming , chief economist at CoreLogic . "This is good news for the housing market and mortgage financing , but the rate is still high relative to the pre-crisis level of around 0.6 %."

Anand Nallathambi , president and CEO of the firm, adding that anyway , " the worrying high foreclosure inventory is moderating . In addition , the rate of serious delinquencies fell more than 25 percent year over year , reaching the lowest level in nearly five years, " cited Diario Las Americas .

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