Lunes, Marso 3, 2014

Apple launches recycling program of its iPhone against a purchase credit

Apple launched Monday, March 3 in France recycling program of its iPhone that allows users to bring in their old store model to obtain a credit for purchasing a new phone. The U.S. giant has launched the program of recovery at the end of August in the United States . For three years , it was possible to recycle the device but only online.
"The iPhone has a great value. Apple stores in France have decided to launch a program to assist customers who wish to bring the iPhone to previous generations for recycling or reuse , "said the American company . "In addition to the positive impact on the environment , customers will receive their old phone against a credit they can use to purchase a new device " is said.

Each person reporting in its Apple Store iPhone can benefit from a purchase credit of up to 215 euros on the purchase of a new smartphone. 150 million iPhones have been sold worldwide last year , Apple does not disclose the number sold in France .

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