Lunes, Marso 3, 2014

Florida: The Federation of Real Estate Professionals of Miami is formed to help Francophone buyers

The Miami real estate is attracting more and more international investors benefit from a weak dollar , attractive prices in a dynamic city and a healthier situation since the crisis. Among them, the Canadians, who now account for over a third of international buyers in Florida. But buying a property in a foreign country can not be improvised . To make the experience simple, three well established agencies in the city just founded the Federation of Property Professionals Miami ( FPIM ) . Their respective leaders : Thibault de Saint Vincent , Marie- Charlotte Piro and Franck Dossa form the Executive Committee of the Association.
This non -profit connects Francophone buyers with certified professionals and recognized in their respective markets . To join and offer quality label FPIM , officers should : fluent French , have a license from the State of Florida valid , proven experience no negative history with the official and adhere to a strict code of ethics .

" Established for 10 years in Miami, we found that international customers need specific support because the real estate market works differently in the United States . It is important that they choose trusted professionals who can guide them and introduce them to these features , "said Thibault de Saint Vincent, president and founder of the Barnes FPIM member .

"For example, professionals have here a wonderful tool: the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This file is shared by all professionals, and certified members, allows the client to work with one realtor. Indeed, it gives access to all the properties available , whatever the agency mandated to sell. The buyer and seller each have their agent representing their interests throughout the sides of the transaction. "

Marie- Charlotte Piro , President of the Federation of Property Professionals and The Vice-President of Real Estate MC ² "It was time to provide this service qualification and quality label to the number of francophones buyers who grows day by day ". Thus, the French Canadian customers is top of the hit parade of international investors resident or just a portion of the year.

"There are many reasons why South Florida , especially Miami and the region appeals to buyers and French investors , says Franck Dossa , president of Brickell Plaza International and founder member FPIM , buyers feel so as at home here. Climate, tax situation , and the atmosphere truly international form a winning combination ! "

The three co -founders anticipate a more sustained than ever for investors but also for entrepreneurs that locate or simply open a subsidiary market. Miami is indeed a great starting point to develop and shine at the same time the United States , Latin America and Europe.

All experts agree that the situation has never been so promising : Cash purchases account for the vast majority of transactions, and to obtain credit , you must make on average 50% of the transaction amount . Buyers are therefore stronger and it is far from the situation before the 2008 crisis .
In economic terms , the city is in a favorable situation with a diversification of resources and foreign countries investing . The development of the Port of aerospace , finance , health come into effect until balance tourism Almighty .

The FPIM aims to help buyers from Canada, France , Switzerland, Belgium, the DOM- TOM , Haiti and Francophone Africa. In addition to mastery of the French language and work ethic , consultants wishing to join the FPIM must have an impeccable way. Any consultant who received a complaint from the Florida Real Estate Commission can not be part of the federation.

This approach ensures customers the FPIM exemplary service by the best French property agents in Florida. A customer who uses a certified agent FPIM , if there are problems , may be supported by the Federation for filing an appeal or a complaint. He knows how to react and how to navigate a particularly well framed and regulated system.

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