Lunes, Hulyo 28, 2014

The housing is growing at the slowest pace since the beginning of the crisis until the last decade

Have we raised enough brick? It seems that the industry has taken ... to-the sales force constitu-. Knowing that the housing stock to sell over a million properties-the million and a half, according to RR Acuña Castroviejo, it is not surprising that the housing stock will grow at the slowest pace since the start of the crisis.

According to the Ministry of Public Works, Park Spanish households grew by 0.19% over the past year, adding up to 25.44 million residences, so the slower rate of annual increase is noted from the beginning of the crisis and even the last decade. The sequence of exercises with lows in development and construction of new homes has resulted in a barely imperceptible evolution of the number of existing homes in Spain.

Almost three quarters (74.6%) of the total park floors correspond to primary residences, that is, those for primary residences, which totaled 18.99 million units, also an increase of 4.8% comparison with 2012.

In contrast, during the last year fell by 11.2% the number of non-primary residences (aimed at second home and other uses), which thus stood at 6.45 million, down from the height of seven million units for the first time since 2006, pre-crisis period. Thus, the year 2013 was the smallest increase in the total housing stock has recorded since the beginning of the crisis, since between 2007 and 2012 recorded annual progressions between 0.5% and 2.3%.

For communities at the end of last year, which had a higher housing stock are Andalusia, with 4.39 million homes, Catalonia (3.88 million), California (3.16 million) and Community of Madrid (2 93 million).

As for non-primary residences, fell the regions where the park of this type of flooring is Madrid, which ended 2013 with 325,027 secondary homes, 22% lower than the previous year, along with the Basque Country (-19.8 % to 120,105 homes) and Catalonia (-19%, with 769,483 sub floors).

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