Lunes, Hulyo 14, 2014

Developments reborn in Florida for bargains

After a period of stagnation, the Florida real estate market began to emerge and is doing thanks to the lowest prices ever seen in years.

According to the Association of Realtors (Realtors) Florida selling apartments February 2009 to February of this year rose 59 percent, and single-family homes increased by 31 percent.

No doubt the good prices, a result of the large number of units repossessed by banks (when homeowners stop paying), have attracted investors from around the world, including from those who are willing to invest their personal savings, to billionaires large investment funds.

Adam Adache president Adache Real Estate, Fort Lauderdale, told El Tiempo that? Wholesale activity, combined with the discounts offered by lenders to exit problem projects, generated opportunities that only a situation like this can offer. The firm works with groups in the process of acquiring wholesale and resale of individual units.

From the outside see opportunities Foreign investors have been expected. One of the groups most concerned right now is Ultimate Holdings, based in England, whose objective is to acquire properties at wholesale prices and make bank repossession to sale below market price. This gives you quick profits and gives opportunity to new homeowners and investors have smaller opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible.

? Opportunities currently offered by this market are very attractive? told this newspaper James Black, managing partner of Ultimate Holdings. ? Our focus in Florida and this allows us to offer high quality products at affordable prices. This is the best time to buy real estate in this state. These prices are a once in a lifetime? Considered.

In early 2010, Ultimate Holdings purchased 122 units at Village at Town Center in suburban Orlando. Currently resell to average $ 75,000 per unit, 70 percent below the market price bubble. They come with a tenant, which allows to produce investment from day one. In a month they have secured 40 sales

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