Huwebes, Hunyo 26, 2014

The collapse of sales reached the property prices

The price impact was felt in January and May from the market stabilized with a cumulative decline of 1.5 percent. This fall also is not as great as expected, but realizes the wrong time in the housing market, "says the Real Estate Chamber Argentina (CIA).

The company yesterday launched an index that was launched a year ago, from the survey of prices published monthly to over 40,000 properties in the Federal Capital, told the newspaper La Nacion Roberto Arevalo, president of the CIA.

The indicator includes properties brand new and used, and in 90% of cases the values ​​are dollar deals with an increasing incidence of studio apartments, which represent more than half of the current supply of homes for sale .

"The FX market, marked the end of one of the cycles of real estate expansion that will be remembered for the buildings and homes were considered almost exclusively for its value cambioindependientemente your actual use value. Developing new projects is still pointing to that logic, with the consequence of reducing the area and making developmental qualities in managing risk financiers ultimately weighed and ultimately rests on the buyer-investor ", anticipated days ago a report from the Real Estate consultant report.

But if the average values ​​of the scriptural acts taken in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires that arises from the monthly survey makes the district Notaries Association warns unvirtual sharpness with stagnation at the official rate in the last three years for the first four months while over 30% fell as the dollar on the open market, in line with the depression that has entered the business of purchasing and selling real estate since the imposition of the FX market in late October 2011.

In a survey index of rental prices is also included. In this case, the situation is completely opposite. The vast majority of the publications are in pesos and steadily increasing values ​​over the past year.

According to the indicator, in 12 months, rents accumulated a 22.1% increase, with an accelerating trend: in the first five months of 2014 experienced an increase of 14 percent in May and only climbed 6.4 percent.

Despite this increase, which resents the pockets of workers because they take refuge in the vacation as the only alternative since the vast majority can not buy a house in the sector said that the rise in prices was below the inflation of the last year. "Despite the difficulties, has primacy criteria of rationality on the part of the actors in the setting of values," said the CIA report, hardly a criterion that is shared by tenants.

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